Wednesday, May 26, 2010

these boots are made for walking.....

or one womans vasques are another womans monolo blanacs..... Long story short, one of my biggest concerns about Mongolia is walking....lots and lots of walking.. Not that I am adverse to walking, but that my feet might not like it as much! These boots are the sh*t!!!!!! Comfy, sturdy and kinda cute! I would wear these most of the time if I could with some flip flops, sandals and tennies thrown in, but I am to dress business casual as a lfe skills trainer in Mongolia; thus the dilemna.

Back to the shoes,(the Vasques of mine) though a little pricey, they definetly are nowhere near the cost of the MB that Carrie lost at a party....(that's Bradshaw from sex and the city for those uninformed)....

Those shoes were $475; these are considerably less... So back to my feet... With all my freakin' out about comfort and walking, I ended up with a cute pair of Mary Janes that just were not comfy enough.... My landlady/friend Kay advised me to take them to the shoe guy in town and have them stretched. Cool idea, and one that I had not thought of. He fixed me up in 15 minutes!

While I was waiting, I inquired about some new hiking boots as this place carries work boots, etc., Red Wing brand (which my sister swears by). Being there was a blast from the past, with service and even having my feet measured. Here is my foot issue; my right foot is half a size bigger and wider than my left. Funny, they look pretty much the same, but that would explain why it's my right foot that gets uncomfortable sometimes after walking alot or hiking.... I thought maybe if I got some proper hikers rather than my fave Tims (yea, my kids made me ghetto) that I love, it would be beneficial...

So I bought the hikers and am pleased with the purchase! I shall wear them to walk back and forth and change into the other shoes when I get to work....!
Yea, now what about a hat? (That's Courtney with me...we're bringing sexy back....)

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