Tuesday, June 1, 2010

let me eat cake....instead of mutton

wow, hard to believe I have said so many final goodbyes (for now)..maybe it should be see you later; much later, but later! I have now bid farewell to my hiking friends, my chalice group girls, my wild women friends, my church family gang, my friend and landlady pal: my life has been so very blessed with so many great friends and family...
Now I am savoring the last few days with my sister....Sue and here we are eating cake! Ok, well we are testing the frosting for the cake....she is an awesome baker (and professional caterer..among her many other talents) and this cake is shaped like Mongolia (more or less) for the open house going away this evening... whew...party, party, party...we will enjoy milk tea, Mongolian cookies (we will make both of these) and of course CAKE!!!! Plenty more hugs, see you laters, and pictures!
Sue and I enjoyed what I expect to be my last movie theatre experience for awhile by going to see Sex and the City 2 yesterday.... She now wants a total fashion makeover, especially the shoes...lol...how can anyone walk in those heels?
Packing has progressed to (gasp) almost being finished...after of course, changing suitcase sizes again....first last week I discovered the bag I was using for my winter stuff was too big! So now what was my summer bag is now my winter bag...(the 107 inch total checked luggage dimensions for both pieces...)then I got a small suitcase from my mom and it is too small for the summer stuff, and is now my carry on (yea, that small) and fortunatley found a medium suitcase in the attic....for the summer stuff...yikes... hope I enjoy all the stuff I am bringing.. I did remove the several pounds of dried beans from the winter bag but kept the many spices that I anticipate enjoying!


  1. You have been a Godsend--or, in UU terms, "a Universe-send", or whatever! I am so glad we became friends. I couldn't believe someone that I just knew casually would come over when I was feeling awful, and bring a pot of soup and hang out for the afternoon! That meant so much to me, and sealed my loyalty to you from there on out! Thank you so, so much for being my friend. I've really enjoyed the times we've spent together--even the stuck in a snowstorm part! I will miss you so much, but I am also so glad for you to have the opportunity to have this amazing experience upon which you are about to embark! I really, really admire your bravery and sense of adventure. Your an amazing person, Joanne. I love you, and I wish you a wonderful journey. Be well, and know that I am always here for you, whether you're in Ravenna, or half-way around the world.


  2. nothing to worry about. Your gonna rock it out here as much as i am. This is Josh btw. Ill wave at you as you hop off the plane in UB. Eat hummus for breakfeast before you go to staging and remember that mutton is only mutton...unless its the intestinal tract or the heart or lungs...which we also eat! heheh...nah youll love it. See you here!