Tuesday, June 15, 2010

its a ger life for me....

Wow, ger life is pretty awesome! It's sort of like living in a tent.....only with a stove and a bed! Here are some pics of my ger.... it's big and all mine! My hasha family lives in the ger next door, and our hasha (yard) is fenced in. Our hasha dog is tied up and barks a lot...dogs here are for protection, not as pets. One of our first days or orientation, we were taught to yell "CHO" loudly at dogs who may bark or run at us, and then throw rocks at them. Some people have trouble with the idea. Even though I consider myself an animal lover, I haven't had a problem throwing a few rocks and yelling at dogs!
My pics are not in order...however, you can see the hasha (yard fenced in), the glorious sky and some gers on the hills, boys riding a horse and some views of my ger!
It's cozy inside, though it has been getting a little cold..My fire starting and tending skills need lots of work and it's pretty hit and miss with me. I had a nice little fire going last night and it was good. We bathe in a tumpin, the pink tub near the sink....yes use your imagination, more like a sponge bath and rinse, but definetly doable!
Classes keep me quite busy and the language is tough, but I'm getting the hang of it!
I'll post more later, and perhaps about my hasha family! Mongolia is very cool! I am really happy to be here and am up for the challenges that await me.....


  1. Joanne! So awesome to see pictures of you and your new home! It looks pretty cool! Glad you're settling in--it's funny how quickly one can adapt to new living situations-I've experienced that before, but certainly not on the same scale as you!
    I miss you! Summer break has begun, and trying to do all the stuff I haven't dealt with for 9 mos.
    Love You! Steph

  2. (this is Tony)
    Jo, I love all the pictures! You are becoming quite the photographer - the whole area looks beautiful!

    You're making such huge strides in this big life change of yours. The people seem so nice and it sounds like you're having no problem adapting to everything.

    For the record, I was always taught that to roll an 'r', you should point the tip of your tongue at a 90* angle to the roof of your mouth and, to train yourself, try to (very slightly, and only at just the tip) flip it back and forth while saying "eHhhrrr". The idea is that eventually you will force your body to make the sound and eventually it will begin to feel natural. At least, that's how I learned it for Spanish!

    I am very impressed at you being able to (even hit and miss) make a fire. Very cool! I never could get that part down. I can resuscitate one, but make one... hah!

    Your whole place looks beautiful. I wish you the best and know that you will do great there.

    with love,

  3. Joanne...your ger is so cute!very colorful...its so great that you are adapting well to your new surroundings!the pictures are beautiful:) i sent you a letter in the mail and a bunch of pictures last week.not sure how long it takes to get there but hopefully you will recieve it soon!i love you and i miss you!!!

  4. Hi Joanne,
    Your pictures are fascinating...a completely different culture. Will this be your permanent base, or is considered your orientation period? I would like a "permanent" address for you.

    This will be the adventure of your lifetime! Keep a diary or a journal of your day to day life.

    Since I saw you last, my little granddaughter was born (June 1st)...7 weeks early and she will be coming home this weekend!! We're excited.
    Take care,
    Patty M.