Monday, June 7, 2010

welcome to mongolia

Hi all! I am here and it's great....would love to post a picture of me with my new friend a calf I was petting on our first morning here, but am at post office now and cannot do pics....
Lovely place, arrived safe, finally over my get lag..colder than anticipated, but great!
I'm so happy to be here, though I will not have access to the internet until probably sometime in to another town for training till then.
Keep watching and thinking of me, as I think of you everyday and hold all of my friends and family in my heart and mind!


  1. so glad you made it safe...thinkin of you! love you!!! cody and courtney<3

  2. Thinking of you all the time, dear friend! Glad you arrived safely; nice to see your update and to get email from Sue. Hug you and love you! Chris

  3. So glad you made it safely. Saw a picture of you posted on Facebook posted by one of your fellow Peace Corps volunteers. MISS YOU!!!