Sunday, June 27, 2010

kids are the same everywhere

Sweet, kind, loving with open hearts…. I have found that here sometimes their circumstances are not as fortunate as what we may be used to at home, or even when we grew up. Children here seem to be given much more responsibility, in terms of chores, watching little sibs, etc.
My Community Youth Development group has started a youth club here in our small town. Though overall our focus group is actually boys, (roughly ages 12-18) because here in Mongolia we have learned, girls are usually the ones sent to college and boys stay home and work. In most other countries the focus is girls….However, while we are here for the summer, we welcome all children to come hang out, play, maybe learn a new game or two.
Pedro, our resident guitar player intends to teach whomever wants to learn how to strum guitar. Shareya wants to teach soccer basics, Justin basketball, etc…. I am good at filling in a spot for Uno! So during our pre-service training this summer, that is one of our experiential learning tasks. We will also start teaching a basic English class this week, geared more toward adults I believe. Teaching English is also part of our expectations once we get to site.
None of us has any idea where we will end up, but it’s funny to say that in less than a month our small group of 9 has become fairly close knit. We all blend together quite nicely, and I am constantly amazed by the maturity and wisdom some younger people have! The UU church is one of my tribes, and now I have discovered the Peace Corps is another!

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