Saturday, May 15, 2010

the countdown is on!

Wow, less than 3 weeks now till I'm in Asia! My preparations are going slowly, but surely. The language is quite interesting and I'm generally freaking out about having to learn it...however, deep breath... I have employed the easy does it approach, and listening some every day...
Packing is a big stressor for me! I am soooo worried about not taking something that I'll realize I really want when I get there... Let it go, I say! And I was forced to think about one of my favorite UU Forrest Church "want what you have, do what you can, be who you are"......
So I cleaned out my closet..literally! So this is a pic of some of the stuff I thought I must take..(and only the warm weather clothing), not showing the bulging closet that I cleaned...More than half of my clothes went! yea! I have yet to actually finish the final packing, however, I did weigh my red suitcase(, a gently used, well travelled bag courtesy of Sue & Tom, )for warmer weather clothes...and with about 2/3 of my stuff weighed in at 31 lbs. That is great, since 50 lb. is the limit. I think I can do it!

Realistically, my favorite items (that I wear alot) which can mix and match, and comfy presentable shoes will work.
Other stuff is a whole other story! Books, (a few for starters), some keepsake items I like, and I have to keep asking myself, what will make me feel at home, secure,etc.., lots of photos for sure!
Some practical information was gained this week...I bought a netbook (which I have yet to really use..long story), corresponded with several current PC volunteers in Mongolia who have been very helpful - full of useful tips and information, found out about postage to Mongolia (less than a dollar for mailing a 1 oz. letter) and lets not forget, cleaned out my closet!
Saying goodbye is a tough one....Courtney (my lovely surrogate daughter) and I are hanging out weekly now till I leave....and we went to Vickis' memorial tree at KSU, lunched at Five Guys (Mr. Obama's favorite burgers!) and the movies...
Another goodbye today....Rhonda, Denise and I will be walking and talking at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park then lunching . Our standard get togethers which I shall sorely miss.
Plenty more to comeas I prepare for this amazing journey.


  1. Be sure to read my son Josh's Mongolia packing list. It's on the PC Journals website under "Not all who wander are lost/Josh". Good luck and heed his warning: less clothes and more other stuff!

  2. thanks Mom and Josh! Very insightful and I shall take it to heart!