Friday, May 7, 2010

did I mention I'm going to Mongolia?!

Another day, another million thoughts rattling around in my head about Mongolia!!!

Well, I hope you can see by the map, it is in Central Asia (in case you are not certain) and just south of Russia and east of China! The weather is somewhat similar to NE Ohio, with a more extreme winter; at least temperature wise. Since it is totally landlocked, there are no ocean breezes and it is also very dry, with an average of 8-9 inches precipitation annually.

Since the other day, I have gotten my plane reservations for staging (San Fransisco), completed my aspiration statement and updated resume which I emailed to PC, done a little practicing with the Mongolian alphabet and bought some sensible yet fairly fashionable shoes that I can walk in. I am feeling quite accomplished!
Additionally the PC is thoughtful enough to share email addresses with some current volunteers in Mongolia so I am asking plenty of questions!!!
I do not like saying goodbye so I'm feeling a little conflicted.....but oh so excited!
More to come soon.....I still need to figure out this clothing situation! I am always getting rid of items, buying more, etc...and always downsizing the wardrobe...but from the looks of my closet and such .......ugh....

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