Saturday, August 18, 2012

South East Asia...what a variety of fresh food

coconuts on left....fresh juices and fruits abound...heavenly:)
Wow.  One of my favorite words and a good way to describe my travel fun with Shar and Lil B after Peace Corps.  I cannot believe the amazing food we have been eating....veggies we haven't seen for the past two years as well as an abundance of delicious tropical fruit..yum.

Thailand and Cambodia have been sources of delicious healthy food and a great transition from the limited food available in Mongolia to the abundant deliciousness that I'm looking forward to upon my return to Ohio!

a sideways pic of bananas growing

star fruit (sideways....)

enjoying our creations after cooking class....
I've enjoyed sweet corn twice here, roasted over an open grill, but it's not as tender and sweet as what I remember at home.  Oops, starting to drool on my computer.  Here in Thailand there are "long beans" which are huge swirly green beans and we used them in our Thai cooking class yesterday.  I'm excited for fresh green beans as I remember them, picked right from the garden!

lunch on the train, purchased from ladies at the stop who get on carrying trays...fresh pineapple, sticky rice and a tasty chicken leg, all for less than $3.

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  1. well... as you know some of us are still in Mongolia with our 4 types of veg...!
    Looks amazing :-)