Monday, August 6, 2012

Planes, Trains, Boats, Taxis.....

Still in of surf, sand, heat and humidity, plus amazingly happy easy going people.  What a wonderful transition before returning home to the USA.  Just finishing week one of a three week vacation and so far it seems we've taken most forms of transportation available.

A plane from Ulaanbataar to Bangkok, via from airport to hostel, and the air conditioning was heavenly!

We booked the "overnight train" from Bangkok to come down south to the island.....we got the package deal of train, then bus to dock, then ferry to the island. (about $26.) 

Sadly for us, the only tickets left for the night train were 3rd class.  We'd read on line to try to get a sleeper, but they were sold out.  What the hell, part of the trip is the adventure, right?  We needed to get to the island, so we took the 7:30 p.m. overnight train.  3rd class are padded benches, no air conditioning, windows that open and fans blowing the hot air around. Surrounded by many other foreigners and some locals, we hunkered down to attempt to catch a few zzz's......We figured we slept maybe 10 minutes per hour....

The first few hours were too hot to actually touch or lean on your seat mate....and the train jostled way too much to sleep sitting up.... Later with our window stuck open, it was almost too cold.  All part of the adventure!

At one point in the night I was certain there was a reclining seat open in the next car and in stealth mode snuck in and relaxed and closed my eyes for about 2 minutes when the lady next to me tapped my arm.... her husband who'd been in the toilet returned.  They had a good laugh and I shrugged my shoulders good natured and slunk back to my bench. 

If I never take another overnight train sitting up trying to nap, that would be great.  Uncomfortable, sleep deprived and giddy by the time we arrived for the bus (2 hours late) we were whisked away to the dock and loaded onto the ferry.... 

Luckily for us, we have sleeper car reservations on our train back tomorrow.  Though no air con (which we've enjoyed here all week in our dorm room with the huge comfy beds) we each have our own roomy bunk and a fan in the room.  I look forward to my continuing good night's sleep.....(around $33. is worth the extra few baht).

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  1. this made me laugh so much... I could just see you sneaking into that 'empty' recliner seat... LOL xx