Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back Home Again....for awhile

Bangkok airport is beautiful

Thailand loves their King and shrines are seen everywhere, even at the airport

see you later girls:) at Tokyo airport
Finally done travelling for awhile!  Though I thoroughly enjoyed my Peace Corps stint and my vacation with Shar and Britt, it feels good, comfortable and familiar to be home.

I have been back in Ohio for a week now... adjusted to the time zone changes and the travel weariness, busy catching up with family and friends!  

In the past week, I was surprised at the airport in Cleveland by not only my sister Sue and her hubby Tom, but also my Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Jack!  They are my Mom's siblings and Mom has Alzheimer's so it would be too confusing for her to pick me up.  Marilyn lives in a Cleveland suburb, and Uncle Jack came to visit from California.

We have enjoyed lots of  time with the extended family from Mom's side, cousins, etc... I've also met my new grand daughter, Gretchen Victoria, who made a timely arrival earlier the same day I arrived home! Sue surprised me with the news by saying she had a picture to show me!  

Pete and Nicole with baby Gretchen
The family gatherings have been a good time, as well as catching up with some of my daughter's friends...Courtney, Cody and baby Carter, Heaven and her daughter Wynter, and Joanna, expecting a baby girl soon!

The Merstik Clan (my sons are absent)

Courtney with Carter:)

JoJo's baby shower, lots of pink!

Good thing I have at least 6 more weeks to go...I have yet to see my younger son Zach (who lives in Southern Ohio) and so many other friends before I head off again.

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