Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bum Blaster

....and other weird Thai delights... ok that doesn't sound quite right, but let me say that a bum blaster is a like a "butt bidet".  A common thing here in Thailand, and from what I understood from my site mate Puyja, also in India.  Puyha said that toilet paper is not used to clean one's self after toileting, only water.   I'll be sure to report further about the toilet situation in Cambodia once I explore the facilities there.
After two years in Peace Corps Mongolia, I've seen some rough toilets.  From my own apartment facilities which worked sometimes, to the worst outhouse ever that my friend Shar had.  Shar lived in two different hashas and both had the frailest, falling down bungalows to ever pass as a jorlong.

Though I don't really know what this sprayer device is called, it was coined the "bum blaster" at our guest house on the island.  It's just like a sprayer in a kitchen sink.

the familiar Western toilet

Turkish stand on the sides, squatting over the top
Some photos to illustrate the variety of toilets, all with the accompanying sprayer.  Western style with the seat is what we're used to, then the Turkish which I hear is also quite common in Georgia.

I've had many different toilet experiences since leaving the USA, from squatting along side the road on long bus trips, to using less than sanitary outhouses, to bad smelling indoor toilets and now this new fangled water blaster thing.  Life sure is an adventure!  I applaud diversity in all things, even toilets and am thankful I can squat when it's called for:)

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