Monday, August 20, 2012

Murphy's Law: Vacation Tally

I'm not so sure I really believe in Murphy's Law, "anything that can go wrong, will"; but I do believe that I lose and misplace things, as well as injure myself on a regular basis.  The losing and misplacing happened frequently on this trip, with me carrying too much stuff in my backpack and not having it well enough organized.

At one point we were keeping a tally of my things that I had lost (most of which were found, of course in my bag) and it looked like this:

-pen             -shoes           -flip flops       -coffee (yes I brought a jar of instant coffee as well as creamer and sugar cubes, all of which I never used)
-notebook (that I later found, but think it's gone missing again)
-carmex for my lips was never found but I did buy a new one
-safety pins (turned up but never used)     -passport photos (left in big suitcase in storage at airport, needed one for Cambodian visa)
-watch, also left in suitcase                     -pillow (yes really, small travel)
-Dove soap (later found after buying a new bar of soap)
-camera charger (found among my stuff)     -earrings (lost one)

The best one of all was my train ticket.  We were taking an overnight train and it was delayed four hours.  After a long day of traveling and waiting around, we went to the station just to get to wait until 1 a.m.  We were all hot, cranky and sleepy.  I was so tired and my main concern was getting to sleep, that I forgot the conductor would soon be around to check and punch my ticket.  I'd just taken off my shorts (I knew the ticket had been in there) but had also just used the toilet.  He peeked in at me and he ended up giving me his flashlight to search for it.  I was nearly in a panic thinking, either I'll have to pay again, or they'll throw me off the train!  Long story short, after fiddling around and moving everything, the ticket was right there under the blanket.  I waved him back, showed it to him and went to sleep.  It was a restful night on the train.

Injuries for me are a life long pattern of tripping, bumping into things and just generally being a little too clumsy.  Thus far in the past 3 weeks, I slipped and fell onto the beach at the Full Moon Party, just getting to the beach.  The only injury was wet sand all over my clean shorts.

Brittany stubbed her little toe on coral and ended up with a cut which she had trouble keeping sand out of.  It healed nicely.

When crossing the border in Cambodia with my sneakers on, I slipped on a wet muddy patch of slippery sidewalk after navigating a couple blocks of the same without injury.  This hurt my pride more than my right knee, which scabbed over and was fine.

A couple days later, I banged my head at Angkor Wat while playing with my camera while leaving a temple.

In Thailand while trekking in the rain forest/jungle on our way to a waterfall with a guide and several other tourists, while drinking my bottle of water, I tripped and banged my left ankle.  It was a narrow path and my left foot slipped and slammed into a pipe, cutting it in two spots.  It bruised pretty quickly, but I poured some of my water on it and Toby our guide put band aids on and Brittany found some ibuprofen from another group.  It's given me issues since then, with the ankle swelling quite a bit.  Then both my feet were swollen and after resting and elevating them the other night they're mostly normal, though the bruised one is all scabby looking.

Fortunately, nothing too major, though right now I am missing a wad of cash that I'm hoping turns up soon:)

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