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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One step closer to leaving...

The leaving and goodbye process here is nearly as bad as leaving America.  There is the common thread of saying goodbye to people, celebrating the time here and the friendships developed.  There is also the same feeling of "isn't it time to leave yet?"  

I can only go through the process for so long before I am feeling crazy.... ooops too late.  I decided to be proactive and hosted a leaving Mongolia party at my place. I bought lots of snack foods, some vodka and mixers and invited all my site mates as well as some of my Mongolian counterparts and friends.  I advised the site mates we needed to do it up right and we could enjoy all the drinks if no one else showed...

I considered the party to be a success with 10 Mongolian friends stopping by and my site mates and I drinking, laughing, playing a couple games of dice and  then dining at our favorite restaurant one last time.  This was followed by the photos on the statue, a couple more drinks at my place then dancing at the local club.  It was a good send off, until we meet again....

Next, one week in Ulaanbaataar to finish up Peace Corps paperwork and such, then off to Thailand.  Still a few more goodbyes and celebrations here.
My school director Otgon rode with me on the bus from UB to Arvaikheer two years ago, so it was fitting that she saw me off on my last bus ride to UB

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