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Friday, July 13, 2012

The Countdown is On!

Though I continue to seemingly be in denial about how soon I am leaving Mongolia, Arvaikheer, my apartment, my site mates, my counterparts, Peace Corps... My entire life for the past 26 months is changing!

With less than two weeks until I am on the bus to UB with the stuff I am taking back to America, it's kind of hard to remain oblivious about it.  However, I like to cope with such things by procrastinating.  Thus, here I am doing much thinking about cleaning my apartment and going through my things, (and blogging about it) without actually doing a whole lot of work.

Over the past few days I've developed a head cold so I feel even less motivated, but scared of running out of time, frightened to leave the comfort of my old soviet block building and sad to leave my friends here.

Time to face the music..... is it Mongolian throat singing, perhaps monks chanting?  Or is it the little finger cymbals of Thai music, and the sound of the roaring surf I'll soon hear there?  Or maybe the country music from the radio stations back home, or America the Beautiful; the only patriotic song I know and is in an easy range that I've belted out to my counterparts on a couple of occasions.  Oh my it's a combination of all of them and time to get to work!

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