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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Farewell My Friends

A very large part of being a Peace Corps Volunteer is learning to go with the flow, swim with the tide, roll with the punches,  and just generally be chill.  Sometimes the daily challenges experienced as an American living in a foreign culture can seem overwhelming.  Relaxing and not getting your panties in a bunch or your knickers in a twist is the key to success and adjustment.

While maintaining friendships back home can be a lifesaver, it's the relationships we forge here that really make a difference!  I have kept in touch with family and friends back in Ohio and when I said goodbyes I didn't want tears.....  Now with my plans in place for leaving Mongolia, I intend to see them all soon.

Therein lies the difference with friendships fostered while living abroad.... Will I ever see some of these amazing pals again?  When my Mongolian friends ask me when I will return to their beloved country, I tell them I don't know if I ever will.... (perhaps if there is a PC Response position available in the future matching my qualifications)... but I in all likelihood may never pass this way again.  Wow.

Joyce C., me and Erin L.
Regardless of seeing them again or not, keeping in touch may or may not happen, via email, facebook, friends here have touched me in innumerable ways, buoyed me up when I felt down, and shared lots of great times together.  With fond memories and lots of love, I will hold them in my heart.  To all of you I say, thank you for enriching my experience here, I will miss you!

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