Tuesday, January 31, 2012

...and you think your job stinks?

Really I wanted to title this post "Take this job and shove it"....after the old time country song, which then goes on to say "I ain't workin' here no more"!  Nope, not talking about PC, this job is cool... but I'm sure some of you reading this have had jobs that drove you crazy, had you dying for pay day, or just plain old dreading getting out of bed in the morning!  I know I've had a few!
People here in this struggling democracy do many jobs that I just cannot fathom!   The photos for this piece were taken in UB in winter.  I was cold just walking around outside, wearing long johns top and bottom, heavy jeans, wool sweater, 2 pair of smart wool socks, fuzzy lined boots, fuzzy lined hat, plus hood, scarf and heavy mittens.  The bitter cold wind chilled me to the core!  I cannot imagine having to tolerate the cold and work in those conditions just to eek out a living!
these women have chopped up the ice and snow from this patio and are moving it

road snow removal crews

changing billboard in daytime... 

ice and snow is chipped away

men in trees hanging holiday lights

ice and snow removal in progress
Ice and snow removal is a big job here, a long and arduous process.... no such things as snow shovels, snow blowers, snow plows.  People are the snow removal machines.  As the woman above are shown, chipping away at the frozen mess, it's then scooped onto a tarp and moved.  Streets are eventually cleared much the same way, with people wearing orange vests.
More crappy jobs here abound... I witnessed men changing billboards at night, when the temperature was at least 20 degrees colder than daytime, police officers standing in busy intersections directing traffic day and night, crews laying cable at night in the bitter cold, women and men on the sidewalks hawking their wares, ie. phone units, candy, cigarettes, sweaters etc., and the folks who work on the buses and trolley cars, collecting fares. 
So the next time you are feeling unhappy with your work, look on the bright side; you could have a job doing snow removal in Mongolia! 

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