Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter time is for dreaming....

Winter is the perfect time for staying inside, dreaming, planning and reflecting.  I personally like winter for that very reason!  Snuggled up in the warmth and comfort of home, with a good book,  puzzle, knitting, movie, coffee; perfect for dreaming and reflecting about one's life.

Recently the birth of Carter, my "surrogate grandson", has inspired lots of reflection for me.  Since my daughter Vicki passed away over 5 years ago, her best friend Courtney became my "surrogate daughter".  Now, there are a couple other best friend,s Heaven and Joanna, that I keep in touch with, though not closely.

Courtney and I have helped each other heal from Vicki's absence as much as one can help another in such circumstances. We have hung out together and built a close and caring friendship.  One that has helped me through many tough times when I've been missing Vicki.   I served as the maid of honor in her wedding to Cody, whom Vicki knew and definitely approved of, in Vicki's stead.  It was an honor for me to be part of their ceremony and now more than two years later, to meet (via pictures on facebook for now) of their little offspring!

Being across the world in Mongolia, I will meet Carter on Skype sometime soon.  As my eldest son Pete tells me, we are just like the Jetsons (awesome cartoon) now, where we can see each other on the phone!!

My reflection occasionally brings me sadness and mournful feelings.  Vicki loved children, and though I don't know if she would have had any kids by now..... I know that I will never get that experience of knowing my daughters children.  She would've been a great mother, as Courtney will!  Like Vicki, Courtney is very caring, giving, loving and kind.  The exact traits I admired in my daughter.  

The universe has it's own rhythm, and life goes on no matter what..... I am very happy to have Courtney (and Cody, Brutus the adorable dog).. and now Carter in my life!

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