Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Teachers Day

Teachers Day is celebrated here in Mongolia the first weekend in February and around the world at various times.  There is also World Teachers Day, October 5th.
Teachers are such hard working individuals and deserve recognition and fun from their daily busy, and sometimes very grueling schedule!  Some folks say this profession has it easy, (with plenty of vacations) but think of all the long hours spent outside of the classroom, lesson planning, grading, etc.!
My school invites all the employees, director, teachers, cleaners, jejurs, plumber, cooks, etc.... everyone joins in the festivities!  An awards ceremony is held, with various prizes, plaques, medals etc. being given out.  These awards are very revered here and those winning them are held in very high esteem.  
There is a lighter side to awards as well, with student voted awards for best image, funniest, most talented, best young teacher etc..  Most teachers trade their teaching duties for one day with a student and the kids have loads of fun with this assignment!
As a Community Youth Development volunteer, I am not exactly a teacher, though I do co-teach several classes weekly with English teachers.  I have an easy gig, as I work on conversational skills and pronunciation with the students; thus miss out on the lesson planning, the teaching of grammar, grading of tests, taking attendance and all the other major responsibilities that go along with being a teacher.  However, I do get referred to as Jo teacher and respected by the students.
Hats off to teachers everywhere!
Me and Happy (Oyun)

Hajidma (dorm teacher), Otgon (school director) and two of school staff

Altai (dorm teacher) with school electrician

Foreign Language Dept. of my school

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