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Friday, June 29, 2012

Part 3 -Misadventures Traveling Mongol Style

I really don't intend for this to come off all negative....I did enjoy myself, bond more with my counterparts and visit some amazing places!  I rather enjoy a more relaxed, slow paced kind of trip, and not to be in a sleep deprived brain fog....(however, my surly sarcasm must have an outlet) 

Day 3 finds us having camped out near a lovely river....up at dawn (well, they were up at dawn and let me sleep in till 6:30) and clearing our camp site in preparation to head further north to our final destination, Lake Huvskgul.  (Well, I mean them..... I was bleary eyed and barely conscious)...I was impressed at seeing everyone gather our trash, only to take it to the dump spot  in the open.  Well, at least it's all in one place.  Below are a few glimpses of the gorgeous views we traveled so far to see; well worth it.

 The lake is so pristine and clear, you can see the rocks way out into the water.  
Major culture clash... littering is  common here.  During the course of this time in the micro bus with a captive audience, I tried to convince all that every bit of trash does matter, that bottles and plastic don't decompose, but potato peels do.  However, I was openly laughed at... leaving me to sulk silently and wish I'd just kept my mouth shut.....(a difficult task for me at times).

We finally made it to the Lake, at 2 am Day 4.  This ger camp was an Eco Camp, aimed at teaching reforestation, caring for nature and no littering was strictly enforced!  It was a heavenly place and I finally rested well the next two nights.  When someone told me to get up, I said thanks, I'm going back to sleep and I did.

brief glimpse of the bonfire.... the video I attempted to load (all 24 seconds) was not finished loading even after 24 hours..
Much hiking, oohing and aahing at the lake, climbing up rocks to look out over the lake, a fireworks show (and bonfire) on the beach.

Day 6 had us up early to take a boat to the next town.  Their had been lots of rain every day and the poor rutted road into the camp was sure to be hellacious, so only the men rode in the micro buses, so they could push them out once they got stuck.

Funny story, our boat , an old Russian looking thing pulled too close to shore (even though we were taken to it by rowboat a few at a time)... We  were urged to "rock the boat" back and forth; these antics at the behest of the captain to  get us unstuck.  It did finally work:)

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