Thursday, December 1, 2011

Where does the time go?

How can it be December already?  And only one post last month.... where does the time go?  Much has happened during this stretch, including a broken camera, which is now repaired, thank goodness.  However, now I am in the city again for dental without my computer so no photo postings till I return back home.

Some highlights of the month include a dorm room competition which my friends were kind enough to judge.  The notice had been posted 3 weeks and of course the entrants were very last minute.  The kids had fun and the top 3 places won gifts from me.  A fun hand made award certificate, suitable for hanging in their dorm room. The biggest reserved for 1st place, smaller ones for second and third.  

First place also won an Uno deck of cards, a small dictionary and some cookies and jello packs.  (the jello come in a bag and have little individual jello shots in plastic love em!)

Second place got their certificate, as well as food items and a deck of birds of america playing cards.  Third place winners got the food and certificate.  Most of the kids sang, some danced, recited poetry, a couple of gymnastics feats and a magic trick!  It was a good time!

Cooking club this month was making salads.  We used carrots and cabbage and made variations of slaws, including a carrot raisin salad with mayo which was a big hit.  Kudoos for vegetables!  Gotta start somewhere!

I enjoyed a huge Thanksgiving celebration with my PC family here in Ulaanbaatar.  PC made many turkeys and volunteers brought sides....yummy leftovers were enjoyed as well as the fun and fellowship of the day!

Here in the city for my ongoing dental saga, which is going surprisingly well.  Thank goodness for the staff at Perfect Dental, who are trained in Europe and very kind and very good at their trade!

It's difficult to explain to my director why I am in the city so long, why they are working so hard on my teeth.  Cultural differences.  

World Aids Day was celebrated here in UB with PCV's doing a great job putting together a program involving university students.  Most of the volunteers in the city teach at local university's and the kids were interested and involved.  Yea, since I was not at site to do something on a local level.  I may still attempt to do an AIDS lesson upon my return and maybe a poster contest.

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