Sunday, December 18, 2011

the kids hard at work on their tree...

the tree was in 3 parts that they colored..

hard at work cutting out paper decorations

placing of the ornaments was a painstaking process

look at our tree!!!

wow, that's some gorgeous tree!

 During this, my second "holiday season" in Mongolia, I realized the dorm students did not have a tree to enjoy last year.  Since I've come to know that this season of merriment is a special time of year, even in a predominately Buddhist country, I decided the dorm kids must have a tree of their own!

With limited resources to purchase a tree, it dawned on me that our arts and crafts club, (sponsored by World Vision) would make a lovely tree out of paper!  Thursday at our weekly session, the kids did just that!  They had lots of fun and now have a tree to admire and wish upon, as children everywhere do.

Many holiday traditions are similar here in addition to having a tree.  Greeting cards are common as are small gifts for children.  I have already made over 100 simple "Happy New Year" cards to give to my students this year; I can't wait!  There is  general feeling of goodwill and friendliness that always warms my heart.  Shopping for decorations, gifts, cards and fancy clothes for parties is in full swing now, as I just witnessed in the local market place this afternoon.   

School children usually have as well as a performance, a party at school, where they dance and get dressed up.  Last year I attended the dorm party, which was lots of fun, as well as the teachers party, which was a wild and crazy event!
I'm looking forward to sharing in those celebrations again, and even here across the world, I enjoy the festive atmosphere.  Wishing all of you warm greetings of the season, and the best in the new year......

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