Sunday, January 9, 2011

my school teachers party

Me and "B" a young homeroom teacher, cheesing it up..and on right I'm dancing with the smooth PE teacher (it was his house warming from an earlier post)
these young men are guards at the dormitory, surrounding my counterpart Chokeu, an English and Russian teacherc
Oyun himeg English teacher and the physics teacher
lovely young English teachers
So one of the cultural snippets of information given to us PCV's during training, was that holiday teacher parties are lots of fun. I can now say that is certainly true from my limited experience. We were also advised that due to cultural differences, we may find some games that are played during such parties to be embarassing. I can say fortunately at my school shindig, the most embarassing thing was the dancing and drinking (perhaps just on my part!!)

I did arrive at the appointed time, 6 p.m., though hardly anyone was there yet. So I parked myself in the social workers office (to which I have a key but hardly use)...This led to me being taken to the director's office by one of my teacher counterparts to participate in some holiday toasts. Yes, those would be holiday shots of vodka. I continued to sip in spite of the heckling that was good naturedly directed at me!

Following a couple rounds, another teacher came and got me and we returned to the social workers office. At this point several other counterparts had arrived and two of us got our nails painted while we waited!

Soon I was led back to the director's office for another round by another counterpart.... Oh my and the party had not even started. Add to the drinking the fact that I was wearing "dressy shoes" though low heels I just can hardly walk in anything other than flats or wedges anymore... Or so I thought... I managed to dance for hours in those shoes, even though I did take them off two or three different times, but when I did a counterpart usually fussed at me, telling me my feet would get cold and I should put my shoes back on.

I finally went home at 3:30 a.m., and there were still teachers there having a good time. phew...

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