Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas in Arvikheer

I know we are past Christmas, New Years and the holiday season in general, but I still have many photos to share. Here are some of the actual holiday where we had a party at my house. Top left is my pal Ihab, with the purple scarf I got in the white elephant gift exchange, but that he ended up with...a group photo later in the day wishing you all happyholidays...then up left.baatmaa (VSO translator) and her husband Toogge, Right the boys learning how to use chopsticks. Left is the girls, me, Leah (VSO from Austrailia), Erin and Joyce. On right, me with my "harem" of boys...Ihab (VSO from England, Terrence, Babs, Jack (VSO from Kenya) and Andrew (hubby of Leah)..
A good time was had by all... later several of us wanted to go out for a drink (it was about 10 pm) and nothing was open to the public, because everywhere was reserved for and hosting private sheen jeel parties. This is the same difficulty I experienced with friends in mid December in UB...

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