Sunday, September 12, 2010

congratulations on starting a new school year....

a very talented group of students performing some traditional mongolian dances... made me want to learn...oh, I forgot, I already tried it (and am not good..)

the students enjoyed the show almost as much as I did!

these two danced and sang...

oops, I'm always getting my photos ou of order....some of the performers, all children, two girls who sang and did a dance... part of an amazing group of little kids who danced!

 they say here in Mongolia...the first day of the new school year is a very big deal...September 1st and the festivities start at 8 am, and continue for a couple hours then classes begin. Here are a couple photos of some of the pre festivities, above are some of the local dignitaries who came, and left some boys helping to hoist balloons out the window to decorate the front of the school.

Originally I was told by my school director that I would give a I nervously was going to greet them in Mongolian, then speak English with a translator. Lucky for me, there was a mix up and the emcee's of the event did not have me listed, so I did not speak. Of course, in retrospect, I might have liked introducing myself and extolling the virtues of having social workers in the school and how we can help the students and teachers.
Now that school has been in session a couple weeks, Wednesday evening are the opening ceremony festivities for the dorm students that I've been invited to. These students are from the countryside and usually are at our school because their area does not have a school to their grade level, or they may have some difficulties at home. I will be working with the dorm students a lot and am excited at the prospect!

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