Wednesday, September 1, 2010

photos, supplement to last post....

far left: my school director, me and two of my teacher counterparts in front of the sacred tree.
center: sacred tree, covered with hallaks
right: ohwah, sacred place
each of these places are related to buddhist beliefs, you circle 3 times clockwise, at the ohwah, you throw a rock on the pile with each circle stating your wish. At the tree on the third round you whisper your wish into the tree. They brought me here my second day in town.
Here are my welcoming gifts, delicious chocolate and very sweet wine. I was given wine to drink while my guests drank tea I made. When I was finished with my glass of wine, they each had a small drink and we toasted to my new home and my work at the 12 year secondary school, #1. Cheers!

My wonderful CYD friends, Sheraya, Nate, me, Justin, Little B, Pedro and Crystal, on the morning of our Peace Corps Swearing in!! We are no longer trainees, we are volunteers!!!


  1. How interesting!! Love that tree! Congratulations on becoming an official PCVolunteer!! Yip, yip, yip!! And you look fantastic - I especially love that skirt and jacket set you have! I want one!! I just can't put into words how excited I am for you and how full of love I am for you all the time - I can feel my heart swell!... Thank you for sharing your journey and experiences with us! I love you so much!!

  2. I immediately love anyone who gives wine and chocolate as a welcoming gift... ;)