Monday, May 21, 2012

Good bye and Good Luck!

Like most people, I really dislike goodbyes. . . the emotions evoked by kind words, hugs and lots of last time hand holding. . I successfully avoided emotional goodbyes when I left America, but it's impossible here.  When I left home and joined the Peace Corps, I figured I'd keep in touch with and see my family and friends again (god willing and the creek don't rise..and this has been so), but not likely with my Mongolian loved ones.   I may never pass this way again.

wonderful thank you gifts from the dorm:)
Last year I missed the fact that younger students finish school earlier and I didn't have a proper goodbye with them.  This year I planned ahead since I know it's my last opportunity.

So we had a fun filled and exhausting (for me) day together.  Our last cooking club made lots of french fries which we all enjoyed with coca cola!  The fries were soggy and not up to my expectations, though the students enjoyed them!  Not a healthy snack, but an American one.
After me giving out some hand made awards for club members (garden, knitting, cooking and arts and crafts), photos, and a lottery drawing for many art items, some books and DVD's, etc (where everyone got at least one thing), the students then gave me some beautiful gifts and performed!  I'm including a few of the videos here; they are great, just like the kids!  There were some tears from me, especially when two of the girls gave short speeches in English about how much they all love me and will miss me.  I'm getting misty just writing this now!

After a quick soup supper at 7:45 p.m., we headed to the children's park across town.  Though the rides were closed, kids ran and jumped on them for photos.  We finished up by going to the flower park with the huge statue to Zanabazar, famous Mongolian sculptor and spiritual leader.  As we walked back toward the dorm, I casually said goodnight as I went down the alley to my apartment.  Perhaps I'll see some of them again before they leave to return home for the summer, run into them at Nadaam, or that may have been our last goodbye.   I love them all and will miss them, and bid them goodbye and good luck!


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