Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kids in the Kitchen!!!

This year at the dormitory, I wanted to continue having students learning to cook.  To enjoy the experience of preparing food that is tasty can foster a sense of accomplishment and it can be fun!
Since World Vision is sponsoring clubs at the dorm this year, I don't have to worry about how we (or I) can afford supplies!  Initially, the number of members for the Cooks Club was to be limited to 22 students.  However, this was the club that the largest number of students were interested in and we have 42 members!  Fortunately, not all of them turned up for our first session, as we couldn't have fit them all in the school kitchen where the ovens are!
The first cooking session was baking bread.... fresh, crusty on the outside, warm and soft on the inside, home made bread...mmmmmmm...
enjoying the fruits of their labors!!
fresh tasty bread with jam.....yummy

look what we made!!!!!

ooooooh, wow.....:)

shaping the loaves was very fun!

each team took their turn with their batch of dough

it's a good thing all 42 cooks club members didn't show up today!!!there wasn't enough room

how is this?

ooooh, look at my dough!

the oven was on with the doors open to heat the room....

yeast is slow to rise....

students worked in teams/groups

it was fun and rewarding for all the kids!
  I can't wait for the next meeting...!

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