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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

September 1st = start of new school year!

If it's September 1st in Mongolia, it must be the start of a new school year!  Here again, already!  Summer is still hanging on a little...., but the familiar nip of autumn is in the air is the same as back home in the US. 
Of course, school starting means the flags and banners come out and are flying, children are dressed in their finery (except the cooler, older students who love their jeans almost as much as I do! ) and the teachers look happy and relaxed!
happy students and teachers!
green popsicles-breakfast of champions
It also means performances by students, (which I thoroughly enjoy) and speeches by important adults which I don't understand.  After the performances and speeches are over, the mad rush for the building begins!  The school bell is rung by two adorable little kids, then by the school director, announcing the start of the day and year.  Chaos commences, as class assignments were just posted and parents and children alike make their way to the lists and the building.  Let the learning, the fun and the angst of a new school year begin!

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