Friday, March 25, 2011

Mongolian wrestling- dorm style!

Mongolian wrestling
is similar to boys and mens'wrestling world wide. The outfits are skimpy and I think a little embarassing, just like the little singlets American boys wear in competitions.
My own sons both did a little wrestling, so I have watched it all before. However, here there is a whole little traditional dancing, after a match (eagle dance I believe it's called) and some thigh slapping that goes on before a match. It's all very formulaic and fun, and the dorm boys competition was enjoyable.
Some of the boys wrestled, and several were spotters (don't
know what else to call them....on sidelines, keeping wrestlers from falling on the crowd!!!!).....
There were several rounds of competition and all the guys were great sports!
The event started at 9 pm and concluded at 11:30.... kind of late for a school night...but that's how it goes. I was offered a place of honor at the head table, but opted to sit with some of the kids, both for my comfort level and for a better vantage point for photographing some of the action. As you can see from the photos, only a few of the guys had the costume which is traditionally worn for wrestling, down to the custom made Mongolian boots. I got the honor of giving out the awards; it's great to be a volunteer here!

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  1. I am not sure about the outfits but I def want to learn Mongolian-style wrestling! Cool post, Joanne.